The Importance of Imaginative Play

Play is one of the most important things that an individual can do to develop the skills which are necessary to cope with daily life later on. Imaginative play allows children to explore many different roles and helps them learn how to use their ingenuity to assist with problem solving. It also helps them to develop their personalities and discover more about their own personal skills and strengths. Imaginative play is one of the most important things that a child can do to help them learn how to interact with others, thereby allowing them to develop the social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.
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In addition, play helps children become more creative. Allowing a child to embrace the creativity that naturally exists as part of being a child is crucial in helping children develop their creative minds. This creativity has the potential to serve them well throughout their lives, as it is often a necessity when solving more complex problems later on. For certain individuals, the ability to develop and hone their creativity can have a profound effect on an individual as they grow and develop, and may even lead to a successful career in the arts where those with creativity tend to flourish.

Imaginative play is also important for individuals as a coping mechanism. Children who have been through a traumatic experience often use play as a means of coping with the events that have occurred. The play can be used to help the child learn how to cope with something that has happened to them, and allowing children to use their imaginations to role play can help them successfully deal with a tragedy. Such play has the potential to assist a child with getting past the tragedy and develop skills that help the child communicate successfully with others.

Imagination is a vital part of leading a successful life, even for adults. The skills that are developed during childhood are crucial for an individual to master so that the challenges presented throughout one’s life can be successfully met. Some of the most important and resourceful decisions made by individuals are the result of the imaginations that were developed during childhood.

AT&T U-Verse: Digital TV, Broadband Internet and Voice Products

Information about Uverse from AT&T. Continue reading to learn more details about U-Verse.

AT&T U-Verse Digital TV, Broadband Internet and Voice Products

The U-Verse Details

Uverse is a service that is presented by AT&T. U-Verse is now presented to over 22 states. AT&T introduced this service in the year 2006.


U-Verse’s Timetable

In 2007 for only over a year ever since U-Verse was introduced, it was actually accessible to roughly 3 million customers in the U . S .. The service has also been offered to a lot of cities that same yr., including Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, San Diego and also Detroit and Cleveland.

By 2008, U-Verse voice was launched. Detroit local residents had been the first to be able to get U-Verse Voice, and approximately 200,000 locals took advantage of the service plan and signed up. There was a period of time that more than 10,000 brand-new clients received an installation service every week.

Several years after (year 2011), approximately four million citizens were enrolled in U-Verse TV services, while there have been approximately two million Voice subscribers and a little more than 7 million High-speed Internet clients.


AT&T Uverse Packages

You can pick from 6 different U-Verse package deals. The most affordable plan that you could select from is the plan which costs a little less than twenty-dollars per month, and that is the Internet plan.

Right from the Internet Plan would be the U-Family Plan. This package incorporates DVR and you’ve got the choice to include a premium channel free from extra charge for three months. U-Family Plan charges in an economical value of thirty-dollars per month.

The Internet and TV plan can be bought at around $50 each month, although you could possibly get TV, Internet and also Phone for $79 every month. To the TV, Internet as well as Phone Plan AT&T provides a 250 min’s worth of call time and for both plans a downstream speeds as much as 6MBPs.

The last 2 bundles for U-Verse are the Max TV plus Internet package and then the Max TV plus Internet plus Phone plan. A downstream speeds of 18MBPs is obtainable in either package.


Subscriber Equipment

AT&T presents U-Verse clients with the equipment that they really need. AT&T will either lease the device for a fee every month or sell it off in full price, warranty for 1 year included, at their subscribers pick. The tool that users get is a wireless router as well as a modem, and they also are given TV receivers which are provided by the businesses Cisco and Motorola.


Where to get AT&T Uverse

Subscribing for U-Verse is absolutely easy. Fascinated customers may check out AT&T’s webpage and then choose U-Verse. Ensure that U-Verse is accessible in your local area because it is only obtainable in 22 states. If you do reside in a place where service is available, then you can select the plan that you’d like, and then a rep will head over to your location, and then the ideal equipment will be installed, which in turn will let you take advantage of all the features that the service presents.

Clients should check out all tips on how to reduce the cost of their U-verse purchase prior to subscribing to a plan. There are many 3rd party internet sites which AT&T allows to advertise the Uverse service and provide a number of perks. Many such 3rd parties tend to be sites just like ATT which have quite a few coupons and deals thus customers might save money on an AT&T u-verse subscription. Coupon codes for introductory discounts on Uverse services can help new customers a lot.


Final Thoughts

U-Verse is a good service to get, and it is also well worth the money. In case you are trying to find a great deal on Internet, Phone and TV bundle, your search is over, U-Verse is definitely the service made exclusively for you.

All About Cabbage Patch Kids

The Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of dolls and accessories that used a very innovative marketing technique to become one of the hottest toy fads of the early 1980s. Xavier Roberts created and designed the dolls back in 1978.
All About Cabbage Patch Kids
The Cabbage Patch Kids are unique because they are made from cloth and each is given a special unique name and birth certificate. This made each toy different and led to the phenomenon that say Cabbage Patch Kids explode into a national craze in 1983.

The toys were original called “Little People” dolls when they were created in 1978. Later, just before the doll’s popularity exploded, they changed the name to Cabbage Patch Kids and added the back story about the children being grown in a cabbage patch as orphans. The big marketing plan was to implore children to “adopt” the children. Families that purchased a doll would be able to send a form back to the company to process a formal adoption.

During the peak of The Cabbage Patch Kids’ popularity, the doll was a must-have Christmas gift. They spun off several lines of accessories and produced a Saturday morning cartoon to help market the dolls. Over the years the brand continued to grow and special versions of Cabbage Patch Kids were produced. These variances including interactive talking dolls, special edition dolls with special back stories, limited edition store exclusives and Cabbage Patch Pets were all also created. There were also lines of dolls that were marketed with gimmicks. Some examples of the gimmick Cabbage Patch Kids included dolls that could eat, suntan, walk, and roller skate.

The toy line was so popular that it was able to have a specialty store in Cleveland, Georgia. Xavier Roberts set up a special outlet store that he calls Babyland General Hospital. The location includes such perks as children rides, interactive exhibits, a doll nursery and an adoption center for exclusive dolls. All of the employees of Babyland General Hospital stay in character as Doctors and Nurses.

The manufacturer of Cabbage Patch Kids has changed over the years. Coleco, Mattel, Hasbro, Toys ‘R Us, and Play Along have all held the license to distribute the popular dolls and they are still currently in production as of today.

Verizon and Verizon FiOS – The Company and the Service

Verizon is a massive telecom company, and interesting it’s not that old. Regardless of its size, Verizon holds quality and community in very high regard.

About the Company Verizon

Verizon is a telecommunications leader delivering tech services for homes and also companies. After a variety major purchases, Verizon is currently the leading wireless service provider within the United States.



The current Verizon Communications developed due to the new telecommunications company by Bell Atltantic and U.K.’s Vodafone. The company exemplifies the unyielding search for the baby Bells to continue significant in an market which goes back to the invention of the phone during the mid to late Eighteen hundreds.


Throughout the Twentieth century, the telecommunications market had been tormented by bureaucracy and laws that usually restricted whether and where they might operate, nevertheless the environment transformed in 1996 from the Telecommunications Act. The act made it possible for a free-market process.


Verizon is really a telecom provider which links both residences and business owners to innovative telecom services. Verizon offers high speed internet, mobile, residence telephones and also TV services to an incredible number of consumers across the U.S.

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS bundles phone, high speed Internet and television services and supplies the service through fiber optic telecom networks. The FiOS service was initially introduced in September2005 in Texas. FiOS now has in excess of Three million customers for Television along with broadband, each.

Verizon offers a premium quality solution at affordable prices together with wide accessibility. With a range of selections including HD, Prime HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD, along with a variety of great plans, clients will not have any trouble getting a FiOS bundle that will fit them.

FiOS Product Offers

FiOS bundles and fees differ according to product locale (consumers can check their locale at Verizon FIOS promotion code). Sample FiOS plans might consist of:

  • Double Play – FiOS Select HD TV + FiOS Internet with 15/5 Mbps
  • Triple Play – FiOS Prime HD TV + FiOS Internet with 50/25 Mbps + Digital Phone

Community and Environment

Verizon takes company social responsibility seriously. The Domestic Violence Program and the Device Recycling Program are a couple of Verizon’s major community service programs.

  • Device Recycling Program – The Verizon Device Recycling Program allows individuals to easily recycle used cell phones, tablets, net books as well as other wireless devices as well as reduce the environmental effect by decreasing the degree of refuse in the trash dumps. Verizon allows consumers to recycle as much as 10 devices at any Verizon retail outlet.
  • Domestic Violence Program – Among a number of other forward-looking projects, Verizon has a program that refurbishes aged mobile phones plus components to help combat domestic assault. Verizon collects old mobile handsets and also accessories at area phone drives plus through the post, repairing them for survivors of domestic violence.

Verizon’s top rated service as well as regard for the community together with environment are leading the way for various other telecom organizations to go by.

The Life of Barbie

Barbie, the perfect all-American girl for over 5 decades now was “born” in 1959 to Mattel president Ruth Handler. She had observed her daughter (also named Barbara) playing with her paper dolls and notice how she interacted with them, making up stories about their full and adult lives.
The Life of Barbie
350,000 Barbies were produced that first year, in blonde and brunette. Since then the Barbie brand has expanded tremendously. Ken, the on again off again life partner, arrived in ’61. Bob Mackie, Cynthia Rowley, Anne Klein, and Christian Dior have all made clothes for her, specifically for her various limited editions over the years. Several Barbie movies have been made, many with a ballet bent, the first being 2001’s “Barbie in the Nutcracker.”

In addition to movie star, Barbie has played many roles in her “life.” The “I Can Be” line of dolls shows Barbie in any number of different professions like paleontologist, teacher, and “Kid Doctor” Various special edition dolls have had Barbie cast as a presidential candidate in 4 different elections. Barbie’s has also masqueraded as any number of iconic characters, lending her famous face to famous costumes Scarlett O’Hara’s green curtain dress or Eliza Doolittle’s black and white Ascot frock. Recently Barbie dolls have been made over to resemble Bella Swan of the Twilight series.

Barbie’s original look was a near copy of Bild Lilli, the doll version of a German comic strip character of far less PG origins than Barbie. Mattel would acquire the rights to Lilli five years into Barbie’s production and discontinue her completely. Later, in ’71, her face would change from the blue eyeshadowed coy sideways glance to the current friendly stare and toothy permasmile.

The perceived decades worth of harm done to her target demo resulted in another appearance change in 1997, when it was determined that her unrealistic measurements of 36” 18” 33” had been setting a terrible standard and had to change.

History’s Best Toys

Toys have existed throughout time, but some of them have stayed with us, and others have fallen by the wayside. When it comes to history’s best toys, the list is long but far from completely inclusive. Some of the more recognizable entries include:
History's Best Toys

While it might be correct to say that the Atari, or even computers, were game systems before Nintendo came out, it is one of the biggest and most recognizable names in video games. It gave birth to a whole new type of toy that has changed and grown with technology.

G.I. Joe and Barbie

There have always been dolls for girls, but few of them became so popular that the name of the toy became synonymous with dolls as a whole. While boys have played with toy soldiers for generations leads back into ancient Roman times, G.I. Joe was the beginning of the action figure as we know it in modern times. Together, the two of them are serious contributions to today’s toys.

Rubik’s Cube

Perhaps one of history’s most frustrating toys, the Rubik’s Cube was originally created by a mathematician. While some people use it to judge how smart someone is, the toy is really not much more than that; a toy. As puzzles go, however, it is certainly one for the ages.


A toy reportedly invented by accident by the U.S. Navy, the Slinky has maintained its place as a novelty, and has been sold for decades in U.S. toy stores. Made of metal, plastic and a variety of other materials, this springy toy has walked down more flights of stairs than any one hundred people combined.


More a game than a toy, Monopoly has been popular for decades. Whether it’s a simple game with family and friends, or it’s a cut throat history lesson, the game is a priceless piece of history. Of course there are a wide variety of different versions, all of which have their own theme to intrigue players and keep them collecting all the different box sets.

History of Toys

Early Toys

Children had few toys before the 20th century, and they were incredibly treasured possessions. Before the Age of Industrialization, life wasn’t a life of leisure, and there wasn’t much idle time, even for a small child. If they were fortunate, they attended school. If not, they helped their parents with doing whatever needed being done.
History of Toys
Toys in the ancient civilizations were made of natural materials, like stones, bones, ivory, or wood. Egyptian children played yard games similar to the kind children of today play. Carved wooden boats and statues of animals were common. In ancient Greece, balls were fashioned from an inflated pig bladder. Roman children played with wooden hoops and clay dolls. Marbles, dice, and carved figurines, such as toy soldiers and dolls, were popular. Animal knuckle bones were thrown like dice and used in archaic board games. Toys didn’t change much over the ensuing centuries. In the 16th century children were still playing with wooden dolls. In Germany, in 1558, the first dollhouse was invented.

Modern Toys

With the industrial revolution, toys could be mass produced, and they eventually became more affordable. The first jigsaw puzzle was made in 1767. In the 19th century, children who were in the middle or upper-class began to have more toy choices, but they weren’t cheap. Girls would play with porcelain or wooden dolls or dollhouses. Boys would collect marbles, and play with toy trains and toy soldiers. Poor children continued to have to make their own. An affluent Victorian family could provide their children with rocking horses and moving animals and trains that used clockworks for locomotion. The jack-in-the-box and spinning tops were also in demand.

Many new toys were invented in the 20th century. Plush toys, or stuffed animals, like the teddy bear, were common. During World War II, most toy factories were converted to support the war effort. But after the war, and with the evolution of plastic, both metal and plastic toy production increased dramatically. Society was more affluent post-war, and children had more toys than ever. In the 1950s, the iconic Legos, Mr. Potato Head, and the Barbie doll were introduced. In the 1980s, electronic and computer games changed the direction of toys.